Nutrients & Nutrient Deficiencies

What do the following things have in common -  brain fog, depression, anxiety, skin issues, fatigue, inflammation, hair loss, chronic pain, chronic headaches...? They’re all common signs of nutrient deficiencies. 

Your body needs nutrients to do its job, and most people have nutrient deficiencies. Learn why, and what you can do about it.

Life is way too short. It’s not enough to simply survive.The goal at Apotheka5 is to help you Thrive.


& Nutrient Deficiencies

Things You Will Learn:

  • Why nutrients are necessary

  • What are micronutrients and why they’re critical for optimal health

  • Nutrient deficiencies - what’s going wrong

  • The role of food

  • The role of supplements

  • How to hit the ‘reset’ button and start thriving

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