Recalibrate Your Mind & Body

Experience body, mind & cellular benefits of sound frequencies with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF)

After my AmpCoil sessions, I’m reminded of how I’m supposed to feel. 'Relaxed' feels like too general of a description. It’s more like the absence of stress. I feel like I’m grounded and floating at the same time. 


68 year-old with mold toxicity

Reset the Nervous System.

Balance the Body.

Calm your Mind.

Charge the Cells.

Ampcoil is the leader in PEMF & frequency technology. It has the capacity to tune every bone, tissue and cell to a healthy frequency, putting the body in a state in which it can self-heal.

Frequency Healing



Per 30 minute session

Ana likes to chat with first time clients before scheduling them. If this is your first AmpCoil sesh, tap the button above to schedule a quick call with Ana. At the end of this call, she will schedule you for your session.

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