The Reset - A Mind + Body Ceremony To Reset Your

Nervous System

A  blend of massage + energywork + AmpCoil frequencies

to invoke a deep calm and recaliberation of your nervous system

"Ana's touch has more of an energy feeling, where I can feel the energy moving"


"I've been challenged with Fibromyalgia for 14 years. Ana's technique calmed my nervous system. I've never felt more at peace"


The Reset Is A Fusion Of:


Massage aka bodywork, activates the body's own restorative powers, creating an opportunity to engage in your own healing >> Self Empowerment. 

This isn’t your typical massage - Ana uses intuition and works very slowly, informing your body it’s safe


Einstein said ‘everything is energy’ - including thoughts, stress & trauma. When you carry the "energy of stress", it informs your body. Energywork begins to resolve these distortions

Ana was trained in Polarity & Quantum Healing These modalities balance and move energy pathways, bringing about a deep state of calm and allowing the body to restore optimal well being.

Frequency Healing

The AmpCoil utilizes sound+ electromagentic frequencies to harmonize, balance and recaliberate your body on a cellular level.

It's like a tuning for for your cells.


Stress creates discomfort in the body. The healing nature of touch creates space where you can feel safe and experience the world through your body again.

Ana's slow, intuitive Reset treatment, (massage+energywork+ampcoil) transforms anxiety and stress into tranquility. It reminds your body what it’s like to be alive with the absence of stress. 

Benefits from The Reset session: 

  • Lowering inflammation
  • Improved immune function
  • Improved sleep through cortisol regulation
  • Resilience
  • Help with trauma resolution
  • Promotion of digestion
  • Support with symptoms of depression & anxiety
  • Improved heart rate, blood pressure & circulation 
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