Meet Ana

Working with Ana is a partnership. Her goal is to empower you as she helps you reclaim and transform your health.

Ana attended The School of Applied Functional Medicine & New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, but life experiences including surviving breast cancer, have been her greatest teachers

When Ana’s not coaching, regulating nervous systems, she can be found floundering on her longboard, hiking, hugging trees, making playlists (she used to love making mixed tapes too), dancing & laughing with friends. She prioritizes her own self-care, practicing what she preaches. 

Some of her favorite self-care practices include breathwork on her shakti mat, red light therapy, naps with her AmpCoil, yoga, strength training and dancing.

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Ana is always deepening her education. She loves geeking out on science-y webinars and reading NIH reports. She attends on-going classes on topics such as gut health, hormone balance, nutrition, and toxicity. 

She’s also a proponent of plant medicine (used wisely), including microdosing with psilocybin for depression and anxiety.

Ana understands that healing and well-being can be overwhelming and confusing. Her goal is to alleviate your overwhelm. She sets your mind at ease by explaining things in a way that’s easy to understand and creating a game plan that feels achievable. She sets you up for success. 

Her goal is to make well being accessible and normal for everyone.

If this kind of guidance is what you're looking for, a good place to start is to book a free 30 minute consultation (below)



Functional Health Coaching

Reclaim your health.

Transform your life. 

Ana offers personalized insight and guidance to resolve health challenges

LA & surrounding areas

The Reset

A blend of massage, energywork & frequencies for a nervous system reset

LA & surrounding areas

The Frequency

Experience the mind and body benefits of sound & magnetic frequencies with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields (PEMF). 

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