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Apotheka5's flagship online course: The Cleanse Experience.

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The Cleanse Experience

A self-paced masterclass that teaches you how to safely & successfully complete a 10 day detox. 

Lifetime Access & updates included.

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Apotheka5 was established by Ana to help people struggling with health and overwhelmed and confused with what to do.

She has observed, first hand, how frustrating it can be to get lost in the medical paradigm, desperately searching for answers and solutions, and rarely feeling understood.

Whether you’re struggling with a chronic illness or you're simply tired of feeling sick and tired, resolving inflammation is a very important piece of the puzzle. This is a primary goal when you work with Ana. 

Inflammation can lead to many health issues, including chronic pain, mood disorders, autoimmune illnesses, gastrointestinal disorders and skin conditions. One of the most powerful ways to lower and manage inflammation is with diet, detoxification and stress management.

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At A5, Healthcare is a human right. Science is real. So is the mystical. Feeling your feelings and thinking outside the box is encouraged. And rest and joy are medicine.