Ana Yazdi

April 4, 2023 - min. read

There are things happening around us that we simply can’t see, hear, smell or touch with our 5 senses.

EMFs and PEMFs are 2 of those things.



PEMFs are frequencies that occur naturally and align with well being.


EMFs are frequencies that are unnatural and harmful - especially because of the rate and consistency that they come at us

Cell phones expose us to a form of electromagnetic radiation called radiofrequency (RF) energy. Scientists say this radiation increases the risk of cell damage, leading to tumors.

I’m not suggesting to stop using cell phones but there are things we can implement to mitigate some of the physical and psychological issues they can create.


Beyond limiting use, you can use protective covers - I like a company called @RFSafe, use headphones that limit the amount of radiation that passes into your head (not bluetooth buds), keep cell phones out of your room when you sleep (it’s actually a good idea to turn your wifi off at night). And don’t use pockets or bras to hold your phones!

Grounding techniques like walking barefoot on earth, or spending time in nature, and PEMF therapy are a few things that can counterbalance harmful frequencies as well

Remember, everything is energy, but it’s not all good energy

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