Suppressed emotions can manifest into physical symptoms. In this case, you may not even be aware that it’s emotional at all…

Checking in regularly with your emotions can mitigate physical manifestations

Some signs of suppressed emotions:

~ Ignoring that ‘voice’ that something is wrong- especially in relationships

~🤍Emotional outbursts

~ Having difficulty letting people be close to you

~ Feeling ‘nothing’

Signs that your physical pain is caused by emotions

~ Symptoms began during a period of chronic stress

~ Doctors can’t find a ‘diagnosis’

~ You don’t feel seen, heard or understood

~ You’re in a tumultuous relationship and feel trapped


Practice listening to your body. It’s your best friend and it’s always speaking to you and guiding you. Connect with your pain and find outlets to release it

And as difficult as it may be, make the changes necessary to heal. For the sake of your well being.

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