The Cleanse Experience

A Masterclass and Guide for a 10-day (Safe) Detox Experience 

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'Detox' is a buzz word in the wellness world. There's no shortage of detox programs, with celebrities and influencers pushing 'their detox products' as being the best. 

Detoxing is essential for your body to function well. This is true now more than ever, as it's hard to escape toxic exposure in today's world. But unfortunately, many detox programs do more harm than good.

In this detox masterclass, Ana explains the process your body has to go through to successfully get rid of toxins, and she helps you prepare in order to mitigate the potential harmful effects of mobilizing toxins.

The Cleanse Experience program incorporates nutrient-dense, unprocessed foods specifically targeted to support the body's detox processes.  

Ana has personally been doing this cleanse for years, with great success. She created this program so you can benefit from it too. After all, thriving feels so much better when others are thriving too!

Ana has called The Cleanse Experience "one of the most effective bio-hacks in my life". It can be the same for you.

If you’re tired of normalizing feeling crappy and you’re ready to unleash your inner healthy deviant baddie-self, The Cleanse Experience will help put you the right path.

Ana Yazdi


The Cleanse Experience offers easy-to-follow instructions on how to safely complete a 10 day food-forward detox. You will learn how food really can be medicine (or toxin).

It’s also a masterclass that’ll transform your knowledge about your body and what health means. 

The objective of the cleanse is to lower inflammation and toxic load while maximizing nutrition and integrating body with mind.

The result is a sustainable shift in your health that will have you feeling better than you have in a long time.

Results may include : 

  • improved gut health
  • sharper focus
  • balanced energy & mood
  • balanced hormones
  • improved  immune function 


  • The theory behind detoxing, including dangers and benefits
  • Nutrition, Toxicity & Detox explained.
  • What inflammation is and how it affects your body.
  • Safe approach to detox.
  • Why food is significant.
  • Cleanse instructions and details, including detailed, day-to-day instructions, grocery list, supplements you’ll need and more
  • How to safely and successfully complete your detox cleanse.
  • You’ll also learn about gut health, leaky gut, food sensitivities, and stress management, especially in relation to the cleanse

"Our natural capacity to detox evolved during a time when toxins in our world were FAR lower than today. Evolution doesn't move as quickly as industrialization, therefore, there's no way for physiology to keep up with the toxins in our world. Doing a SAFE detox twice a year will help your body tolerate  this excessive toxic burden"

Ana Yazdi

Ana attended The School of Applied Functional Medicine, The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics, and has had hundreds of hours of on-going education.

But her relationship with wellness really comes from her life experiences, including being a caregiver for her mom when she had breast cancer, and shortly after that, being diagnosed with breast cancer herself.


A big part of her healing journey was with the help of whole, nutrient-dense foods and regular cleanses -

from this place, The Cleanse Experience was born.

Love Letters


My detox experience with Ana was transformational. The difference between my experience with this detox program versus all of the others I’ve tried was Ana’s human touch. Not only has she put together a very user-friendly program. You really feel that she’s invested in your success as much as you are… can’t say enough good things!


The Cleanse Experience is the best thing I could’ve done for myself. Now that I know what I know, and feel how I feel, I intend to keep eating healthier. I honestly feel better than I have in years! I have energy and I even feel happier. How is that possible from a cleanse? (well actually, I know because Ana explains the relationship between inflammation and mood in the course). Doing this twice a year.

The Cleanse Experience


A thorough course that teaches how to successfully & safely complete a 10-day cleanse.

Frequently Asked Questions

About the Cleanse experience

How do I watch the course?

Click the 'Buy Now' button on this page. You will then be directed to the cart where you can purchase the course. After your purchase, you will have instant access here on the Apotheka5 website.

The entire course can be watched from the comfort of your computer, tablet or phone.

Is The Cleanse Experience a diet?

The Cleanse Experience is not meant to be a weight loss program, although most people do lose weight during the process. The body hides many toxins in fat tissue in an attempt to protect you. As toxicity is lowered, you’ll likely shed unwanted pounds. But the intention of The Cleanse Experience is not a diet - it’s meant to improve health.

How long do I have access to the course?


Once you have purchased The Cleanse Experience course, you will have unlimited access to the course and all updates. This is a self-paced on-line course for a 10-day cleanse.

Which Supplements will I need?

There are only 2 required supplements for The Cleanse Experience - an organic protein powder of your choice and a detox optimizer.

The detox optimizer is available from Apotheka 5 directly. Please send me a message here

What if I don’t like what I purchased?

The Cleanse Experience comes with a 14-day money back guarantee.

What secret tactics am I going to learn that no one else knows?

None. You can learn everything in this courses through other expert's blog posts, forums and your own trial-and-error.

There is absolutely nothing secret here and you can absolutely teach yourself proper nutrition and ways to detox all on your own.

The Cleanse Experience is designed to make learning how to cleanse easier, safer and more efficient

TCE is made to be as easy to learn as possible, but it won’t be teaching you anything you can’t learn on your own with enough time invested.


It is your right and responsibility to educate yourself in health and medical knowledge, to seek helpful information and make use of it for your own benefit. Both the products issued by and the views and nutritional advice expressed by Apotheka5 and The Cleanse Experience are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical care.

There are certain serious conditions that require consistent blood levels of medications. Any change in diet can cause a change in your blood absorption, and an increase or decrease of the concentration of medicine in your blood as a result. If you have an existing medical condition, take ANY prescription medications, or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider before embarking on The Cleanse Experience.

The Cleanse Experience and Apotheka5 does not claim to "cure" disease, but simply help you make choices that can help your body heal itself. No material or product on this website is intended to suggest that you should not seek professional medical care, or that you should disregard professional medical advice.

Always work with qualified medical professionals, even as you educate yourself in the field of detox, cleansing and alternative medicine. No information or suggested supplements or practices should be interpreted as a diagnosis of any disease, nor an attempt to treat or prevent any disease or condition. 

For any products and/or services purchased for The Cleanse Program Experience, you should carefully read all product packaging and instructions. While the information about detoxing and the products to be taken are discussed in detail during The Cleanse Experience course, it can be dangerous to start any health program without first consulting your doctor. Information and statements regarding products and/or services by The Cleanse Experience have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

In general, any cleanse or nutritional detox can cause blood sugar fluctuations, and may result in a need to decrease or adjust medications used for Type 2 diabetics. In order to reduce the risk of hypoglycemia, monitor your blood sugars closely and adjust medications under physician supervision.